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Repeating itself?
  6th December, 2017
I finally dug my heels into the Net code, last night.
For the meantime, it'll be very Windows specific, and I'll have to tackle each different system in it's own way.


It doesn't help, then, that the "easy" Windows code isn't quite working accurately.
For some odd reason, instead of getting..

Header A
Header B
Header C
Returned output from server

I'm getting something more like..

Header A
Header B
Header C
..der B
Header C
---ed output from server

Which is odd, because the server definitely isn't sending that!!

I have to dig a little deeper, today, to try and figure out what might be causing that, although I have a feeling it might be something to do with me not having threaded the code.


So much to do, and yet the end of the year is closing in, rapidly.
Hopefully I can at least get the Windows version up and running before the first game of next year.

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