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Stupid Jingle!
  2nd December, 2017
I must've spent about 5 hours, yesterday, trying to find the right sound for a new AGameAWeek Jingle.


It's hard to decide on a jingle that will cover your next 20-or-so games. This is going to be the first thing people hear when they launch the game, so it has to be just right.
It's also going to be something that gets old really fast, so it can't be too dull, but also not too garish.
It really has to be spot on, and that's exactly why it takes so much trial and error to get it right.
It currently sounds like this. .. Which isn't good.

It's got the right timescale, I think, but the instruments aren't right at all. Definitely needs further tweaking.

As well as that, I added a logo to the credits screen, and fiddled with a bit of code-tidying, but mostly the day was spent listening to my little AGAWJingle over and over and over again!

.. I hate when my mind gets caught up in little things like that!

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