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  28th November, 2017

I added the generic menu beeps, last night.

Oddly, the framework's already starting to feel more "framework'y", with just the addition of a beep.
I can flip through the menu and back and forth into the none-game.
Beeps are happening, settings are savings, and it's all looking good.

At which point I realise how much is missing from the titlescreen.

And, no, I don't mean the fact that I've not added a background or a logo, yet!

Start, Options and Credits buttons are laid in a horizontal layout, so it's nice and quick to flick through with the left and right buttons or by tapping/clicking.
But I also need to add a Quit button for some systems, as well as an "Enter Your Name" button, for Scoreboard integration. .. Although I've still not figured out the online component, yet.

I'm rubbish at this stuff!

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