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Friday MusicAL
  13th October, 2017

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Lazy Jay

I can't seem to focus on anything in particular, this week.
Perhaps it's something to do with launching Sheep Goes Right.
After all, testing those levels over and over again really took it out of me.
But the game was still only a regular Week-Long project. It's not like my usual "BIG!" project that drains me.

I wonder why I'm so exhausted?
It's certainly not due to lack of sleep, although my sleeping pattern has been more a series of naps, than a proper night-time sleep, lately.


Never mind.. Carry on regardless, I guess.


Yesterday was indeed mostly spent working on the SoCoder Newsletter, but I also re-attempted my dungeon generator, before once again scrapping it.
Today I'll be attempting it for a third time, and hopefully "Third Time's a Charm" will win out over "Friday the 13th" in the battle for whether my code ends up being anything decent.


Sheep Goes Right has been bobbing up and down the TouchArcade Hot Games list, for the past couple of days.
Right now it's back down at number 20, but for a few hours yesterday, it made it all the way up to number 12! Wowies!

The game's forum topic is right here.
If you're a TouchArcade forum member, be sure to stop by and tell everyone how much you love Sheepy and his lovely graphical style!

Views 69, Upvotes 6, 13th October, 2017
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