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Sheep Gone..
  10th October, 2017
A few tweaks have to be done to the frontend of Sheep Goes Right.
RSKGames has noticed the Credits screen is an absolute mess, and that there's no Back button on the Level Select.
There's also a weird jiggle to the level select when you first load the game.

All of these issues and more are "first release issues".
They're all odd little complicated tweaks that I need to track down the exact reason for, or do other ludicrously complex things to get working properly.

For example, the Credits screen is coded in the Framework, not in the game, so I can't change the code to switch out the icons that are on display, without breaking all my other games.
I instead need to change the spritesheets themselves, but I've already dumped the new icons in there and coded their functionality.
Silly me!

I need to do a bunch of juggling to get things back to normal, but also doing the new stuff that I coded.

It's certainly hard to try and stick with a static framework, whilst also making lots of different games in a variety of styles.

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