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Player Thoughts - Sheep Goes Right
  9th October, 2017
Each week, players send in their thoughts for that week's game.
Or, at least, RSKGames does!

If you want to submit your own thoughts, stick 'em in the comments, or email them in.

This week's game is Sheep Goes Right


Overview: A totally different AGAW game in terms of art style and music but with the familiar mix of twist to the gameplay mechanics and attention to detail. A pleasant surprise is that the game is not endless, it has finite levels and ends with ''Well Done!'' message.

It's WILDLY different to my usual style, and putting it all on sticks means I could do it all with very little (*none!) animation. Everything is done by simply moving the sticks, or rotating the sprite upon the stick.
It's an extremely lazy art style, but one that works well because it feels like that's how it should work.
Very much a "getting away with it" graphical style!

Gameplay: As the name implies the Sheep Goes right and there is no turning back to the left which is the core of the gameplay. Every right key has to be pressed with care to avoid the different obstacles which can be grouped into 3 basic types. The combination of the obstacles makes for very interesting levels.

Keeping things mixed and varied was hard when I only had a handful of objects to play with. It tends to get a little repetitive after a while, or maybe that was just me playing it over and over and over and over and over

Found ''Sheep on Ice'' to be the most difficult world.

I realised, this morning.. I forgot to add the "sliding on ice" sound effect!
Hopefully that isn't missed!?

Skip button is a great addition as it helps in player to move forward and not get stuck permanently in one level.

This is most definitely a game that needs a skip button.
Some might suggest that's a bit of a cop-out, but you don't earn any stars, and you can come back later, once you're ready.
I think it works rather well, given that.

This game is a great example of how to make a familiar run and jump gameplay into something unique by adding the constraint of removing the left key press.

You might also enjoy Sheep Goes Left from June 2011, which is the same, but with much simpler graphics, and heading, unsurprisingly, in the other direction!
The original game's concept began in Go Left!, from January 2009.

Level Design: Found all the levels in all the worlds to have just the right amount of difficulty to proceed and also to come back to get all the stars. Double spikes were the toughest to time and clear.

Yeah, I've come to hate those double spikes!!
I think if I opt to make a second batch of levels (for a bigger-better iOS update), I'll probably try to avoid those doubles.

Graphics: Gorgeous art assets and backgrounds with the stickers on a stick puppet theme throughout all the 5 worlds. Even the sheep animation resembled the stick puppet kind of movement which is very well executed. Game level selection menu looks good.

You might recognise the "simplistic childish drawing" style from the AL Bum artwork. This art style is definitely AL's doing.
You can also see it in Invisible Munky 2.
But generally I try to avoid doing such hi-res art, as it's really hard for me to animate in this style.
Whenever I can get away with not animating, that's where you'll find it

Sound & Music: Found the Background music to be very melodious and soothing, one for each world. All the 5 tracks have some chords in the background and a different lead music tunes in the foreground.

It took me about 7 or 8 horrific attempts before I managed to find a choon-style that worked with the game. Not only fitting the graphical style, but also blending subtly in with the piano-jingles.
Once I'd found a style that worked, I copy+pasted the instrument pack and worked different melodies with the same set.
It seems to have worked out. \o/yeay\o/

Enjoyed the sound effects with a small child voice saying ''Sheep Goes Right'' during intro to the game and for each level.

Yes, definitely a child.
.. It definitely isn't me, pitched up!

Scoring: The stars collection is well suited for this game.

I thought so, too.
The 4-year old OUYA edition of this game has time-based scoring, but it always felt a bit too random to me.
Stripping that away and just leaving the 3 stars felt like a good decision.

Makes for boring scoreboards, though!

You can see the OUYA edition in Otakupunk's video from 2013!!

Overall a very unique and beautiful AGAW game that I thoroughly enjoyed and got the satisfaction of completing all the levels.

It's something different.
Don't expect that every week, though!
Glad you enjoyed it.

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