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Tweaking the Sheep
  9th October, 2017
Last night's midnight sheep-testing did NOT go smoothly.
Bloody iPhoneX's fault, again...

The stupid "ratio is too wide" issue has once again cropped up and sheepy now leaps well over the top of the screen.

iPhone - Sheep at full height jump

iPhoneX - Sheep at full height jump

That was working fine, yesterday, but last night when uploading, XCode whinged about me not allowing Portrait mode on iPad.
Because iPad now does that Multitasking thing, it seems that all apps now require a portrait mode..
So, I quickly cobbled together a portrait mode for iPad, and although it then also caused the "height" issue on iPhoneX, I sent it off as-is.

Today I need to find a new middleground that allows both to work nicely, but since the iPhoneX isn't due out for another month, I figured I'd have plenty of time to fix it before that happens.

Thankfully the game is fixed to landscape on iPhone, because .. .. it wouldn't be fun in portrait!! The game would simply exist in the bottom 1/4 of the screen, and no more than that.
On iPad portrait it uses about 1/3rd of the screen, and looks daft enough.

Imagine the same thing on an iPhoneX with it's 1:17,000,000 ratio, and you can imagine how daft it ends up being. Add to that the fact that, by that point, the sprites are TINY, and it makes the whole thing unplayable.

So, portrait on phone is out!
Now I just need to find a way to rescale everything for iPhoneX widescreen, and we'll be a happy sheep once again.

Otherwise everything seems more or less as it should.
There's a weird glitch when opening the main menu, but nothing too major.
All should be good to go, once Apple review it.
I hope.

*fingers crossed*

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