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Sheep Gets Close!
  8th October, 2017

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I've got a basic scoring method in the game.
3 stars instead of 3 sheep, but basically a case of "Beat the level on your first try for 3 stars, 2 stars if you lose a life, 1 for losing 2, and anything beyond that gets no stars."
A tally is on the right hand side of the menu, and that's pretty much all the scoring there is.


The original OUYA edition has a time-based scoring mechanism, but I decided against this, since the 3-star system is much easier to replicate on repeat runs. Time-based scores, on the other hand, can get cumbersome and can be cheated much more easily.

I'd still like to add some kind of bonus mechanism, but I'm struggling to decide how best to do that.
No matter. The simple stars are in, and it's easy enough to retry a level over and over to earn the stars you've missed.

I'm about halfway through the level testing on iPad, and am fairly confident that the levels are identical throughout all versions.
Today I need to finish testing all the levels, and then implement the online leaderboards, and then..
.....Then I upload!!!

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