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Musical Sheep
  6th October, 2017

I was sat for most of yesterday creating additional choons for Sheep Goes Right.
4 new'ish tracks, 3 of which are recreations of the choons from the original.


Today I'll be doing some more of those, and putting the finishing touches to the game.
I've yet to finish the menu system enough to include GameCenter stuff, but that shouldn't be "too" hard to do. It's just a case of figuring out where on earth the button should be to open the leaderboard!

But otherwise things are coming together nicely.
The menu functions as it oughta, the "3 sheep or skip" stuff is working, the levels appear to more or less be playable.
.. All is golden!

Today will be mostly a musical day, and I'll also need to start work on uploads and things, too. But all signs are pointing to a fairly close release, possibly by Monday or Tuesday!

Not bad for a week!!

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