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Daily Blog
  4th October, 2017

After waking up to a moderately awakened state, I opened Control Center on the iPad and tapped the Record button!


I headed into Notes, typing what I was doing. Got the day's Pixelarf image saved to the iPad, hopped into SpriteSomething and began doodling today's Platdude Pixelart, hopping back and forth between SpriteSomething and Notes, continually typing little comments as I went.

Saved the pixelart, emailed it to myself as is standard, then noticed the iPad's status bar was no longer lit up.
When the iPad's recording, the bar goes red to show it's recording.
.. But now it wasn't.

I'm not sure when it decided to stop, but nothing was on the iPad.
The whole video was gone.
Bloomin' thing.

Aw well.
Guess I have to learn the do's and don't's of the Screen Capture tool.
I imagine it might've been all the task switching that caused it to give up, or perhaps the fact that I was using the Photo Library as I went.
Not sure.
Either way, the whole thing simply didn't happen as far as the iPad was concerned.



The track at the top is the first of Sheep Goes Right's ingame tunes.
I'm fairly sure I should create some more, but blinkin' 'eck that took some doing. Not only did I have to create something fairly jolly, but also simplistic to match the visuals, I additionally had to create something that wouldn't clash with the game's many jingles.

After about 6 or 7 trials, I finally settled on that, and it seems to work reasonably welll ingame, but is incredibly repetitive.
So, yeah, I'll need to make some more tunes to go with it.

Still, now I've found the right "style" it shouldn't be too hard to morph it into a number of other melodies to mix things up.
Hopefully it's all worth it.

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Daily Blog
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