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Sheeping Along
  3rd October, 2017


Most of the elements of the previous Sheep Goes Right are now in place in the new version.
Today I need to add back in the Spike Cage (That line of spikes that drop down to block your path momentarily) and then that's all the original obstacles back into place.


Once that's in, I'll tackle the main menu.
I quite liked the way the original game had the "3 sheep per level" display thing. I think I'll try to replicate that.
As for actual scoring, I'm not sure if that's going to work as well as it did before, since I'd also like to add "Per World" online scores, and if I have both "Sheeps Left" and "Score" for each world, I wouldn't want to end up with oodles of GameCenter leaderboards!
A complicated dilemma, but one that I can hopefully figure out.

Background assets need tweaked, too. Can't have clouds in the background of a cave level!

I also need to work on Music.
I tried, last night, to come up with a choon or two, but nothing seemed to fit. Or at least, the Jingles seemed to take a front seat, and things felt a little jarring as a result.

Right now, the game looks and feels near-enough identical to the 2013 edition, but from here on I'll be trying my best to make something new.

I still reckon I'm on track for a normal weekend upload, though. Things aren't looking too bad.

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