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Change of Plan
  1st October, 2017


This week's game is scrapped.
The idea seemed sound. Take random obscure animal, try to make a game from it.


The character I chose was the Handfish. An odd little creature that seems to shift itself around with hand-like fins.
I drew and animated a little handfish, and made a floor and generic blue watery background, then got her flapping her way along the floor.
Gaps would appear, and Hayley the Handfish would "push" (Jump button) herself through the water to the other side.

That seemed to work ok, and then I had to add obstacles.

I drew a spike, and got it floating up and down, and then realised something..
Hayley would go right, dodging spikes.

This is a very familiar game idea..

.. And I'm not thinking SpikeDislike.

I've tried for two days to shake this feeling, but every time I load the game, my head can't help but think "Why don't I just fix up Sheep Goes Right and actually launch the game properly...?"

So, that's what I started, last night.
I've scrapped Hayley the Handfish, and am returning to the wonderful little Sheep Goes Right game from 2013.

I've reused all the art, but am rewriting the game from scratch, since it deserves to be redone in the new framework.
So far it's looking nice and workable, but next I need to add the spikes to dislike, and from there I'll need to decide whether the game will be randomly generated, or whether I'll need to design each level.

Hopefully things come along nice and smoothly from this point, but who can say for sure.

It'll be another week before I'm sure.
Apologies that Hayley's being scrapped, but I think this one's worth it.

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