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Radio One!!
  30th September, 2017
Radio One's 50 years old, and are celebrating with a weekend of Radio One Vintage.
Head to the App or the site, and you can listen in to classic radio shows and music selections from years gone by.

Radio One Vintage


Time's whittled away from me, this week.


Today I'll be sitting listening to the radio, playing catch up, trying to get as much of this game up and running as I can.
The very basic platforming engine is up and running, but not much more than that.
I'm struggling to decide on what kind of movement should be given to the main character (a fish) without making it too much like a generic platformer.

Hopefully I can find a nice unique feel for the game. That's the main thing that I'm struggling with. Trying not to end up with another generic platform game, and desperately seeking for a new mechanic.


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