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MonkeyX vs XCode 9 Final
  27th September, 2017
Geeze, that took a while.
A few quirks as MonkeyX gets old, but nothing as-yet unmanageable.


Initial Monkey-X compiling failed, due to the default Monkey-X XCode project still being set to iOS 4.0! XCode 9 doesn't like that at all!

But once it's failed, the xcode project has already been built, so you can hop in and change everything from that point.
I think I need to open the project folder and tweak the base settings so that things flow a bit smoother in future.

Also, I had that same "Wildcard for Distribution" issue, again, but XCode 9 Final lets you select which distribution profile you want to use, manually, so that ended up being sidestepped.
Basically, you can either create a profile for each game, or use a wildcard. I choose to use a wildcard since.. well.. lots of games!!!
As much as XCode is ok with that, it also tends to confuse itself when it can't find "The specific one for this specific game".
Thankfully the new option lets me specify "Use the bloody wildcard, you idiot", and it carries on without any further issues.

Still not sure what's going on with Launch Screens. It has an "Asset Library" for Launch Screens, but only seems to accept iPad screens, and not iPhone ones. Not sure what that's about.
I tend to avoid them completely, nowadays.
The screen still fits nicely to the full iPhone 5 and beyond's "taller/longer/stupider" resolutions, so that's ok.

As for iPhoneX, the simulator says all should be fine, but we all know how completely borked that can be, at times.
The game *should* work fine on iPhoneX, but only a true iPhoneX user can tell me if that's the case.
I'll be trawling Twitter for iPX users, on release day, PromoCodes in hand, for testing purposes

Other than that, all seems to have gone ok.
Poke 5,n is now waiting for Apple Review, and should be available in the next day or so, review-time dependent.

Hopefully things continue to flow well from this point!!

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