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Preparing for the Upload
  25th September, 2017


First game uploading to the new site.
Will it go well?!

I certainly hope everything goes well, but I have a niggling feeling I've forgotten something.
If today's game ends up taking ages to appear, that'll be why!

Last night I got a quick logo in place, took the screenshots and did all the other gubbins that needs to be done.
Today will be all about uploading to here and GameJolt, and then hopefully getting all the links and images and things working the way they should.

In addition, I could do with adding a little more stuff to the iOS edition. A nice "Quest Mode" sort of menu seems to be in order, along with adding back the missing puzzles that don't really work in our normal timed "Easy, Normal, Hard" modes.

It's odd to have such complications appear in such a small game, but the difficulty really ramped up quite a bit, so those puzzles had to go!

That's today's tasks.
Hopefully it all goes well.
*fingers crossed*

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