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Sidetracked by Errors
  23rd September, 2017

Server Developments

For about an hour, yesterday, this site was inaccessible due to "Error 508 - Resource Limit Reached"
I asked the hosts what was up, but the reply wasn't all that helpful.. Or at least, they didn't specify what it was, that was using up all the resources.

I'm mostly assuming it wasn't anything that's my fault, but spent most of yesterday checking logs, and writing little scripts that can (hopefully) show anything unusual in the future.
It certainly seems somewhat useful given old stats, so maybe.. just maybe.. I can figure out what's going on.

Of course, since the site is now on Shared Hosting, there's always the possibility that it wasn't anything to do with me, whatsoever, and that it was something else, somewhere, on the shared server.
.. But I'm not one to simply accept things like that, and will continue to strive to make things run as smoothly as I possibly can.

After all, I'm a sucker for a good coding challenge


A couple of weeks ago, I came up with a nice new menu for the forthcoming SpikeDislike.
Yesterday I had to rewrite the entire sodding thing, because of that stupid lumpy thing on the iPhoneX.
FFS, Apple...

Other than that, I worked on this week's game a little, but still haven't quite got the "challenge" balanced properly.
Perhaps I need to scrap the current challenge style, and come up with something entirely unusual..?

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