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Friday MusicAL
  22nd September, 2017

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Quite a large chunk of gamedev done, yesterday, but worryingly nothing much to show for it!


It was mostly all layout-based, as I tried to fit the game into a widescreen view, although it still doesn't extend very well and is indeed still centered in a large wide chasm!

But it works better than it did when it was "Obviously designed to fit on a phone".
Next I started adding lives.
The worrying thing is, when I'm playing it, I only ever lose lives on certain types of puzzles.
I guess this is a downside of having both simple and difficult puzzles in the game, but worryingly there doesn't seem to be a middleground.

I'm essentially playing a bunch of levels, then hitting a block every time a certain puzzle appears.
I need to fix that.
I'm not sure how!

Still, I've got the weekend to figure this out.
Hopefully I can find a way around it.

*fingers crossed*

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