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So.. iOS11...
  20th September, 2017
Although I've had it on my iPhone for a few months, I hadn't yet seen what it does to iPad.

All the symbols on the keyboard have shuffled about.
Now I need to retrain my fingers to not hit random symbols all the time.
The ":\" emoticon is a particularly difficult one, with both of its keys both being under the opposite hand whilst touchtyping.

The Screen Recording feature is an extremely welcome addition, though, and works fantastically well.

View on YouTube

The above video captured, its ends trimmed to remove me fiddling about with the system menu, and then the whole thing uploaded to YouTube, directly on the iPad.
To say that's a "Power" feature is an understatement.
I expect I'll be getting oodles of use out of it.

(You can switch it on in the Settings/Control Center area.)

Other than that, the OS is pretty much unchanged as far as my daily usage is concerned.
ARKit refuses to work on my iPad Air 2, but does run on my iPhone SE.
Other than that, no real complaints.


Anyhoo, back to coding.
I need to tweak my framework, today, so things fit better on iPhoneX with it's stupidly narrow display.
Though its width is technically the same as the other iPhones, the way my Framework works out its scaling methods means that the extended height results in the overall width ratio being reduced somewhat.

Today I'll be playing about with numbers, trying to get that working.

Gamewise, the thing's nicely playable, but it needs a "challenge" added. I'm not sure if that's going to be in the form of a timer or a lives system, or what. But it definitely needs something!!
In addition, I'm going to try to come up with some more puzzle types to add to the game, whilst staying in the 3x3 grid.
It's quite fun being crammed into such a tiny gameplay area, but it's also proving to be extremely complicated making things as "logical" as they need to be for this sort of game.

Tricky going!

Still ok on time, though. It's only Wednesday!!

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