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Thwackity Puttz on AntyApps.pl
  18th September, 2017
AntyApps.pl have posted a review for Thwackity Puttz on iOS.

Thwackity Puttz gets the award for "First of the new-age of AGameAWeek-iOS games to have been reviewed."
(I'll have to come up with a shorter title for that award!)


From what Google Translate is telling me, they seem to enjoy the game, and do the usual comparisons to other iOS Golf games.

Today I would like to present to you Thwackita Puttz, title a bit strange, but ... in fact, it's just a very well done mini-golf!

They've given the game 4. Hopefully that's 4 out of 5 and not 4 out of 10, or even 4%!

You can Read the review, here. (Google Translated)

Thanks to AntyApps for the review!

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