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Under Control
  16th September, 2017


Everything is running smoothly in the new world of AGameAWeek!

Yesterday was mostly spent fixing lots of little quirks around the site, and I also added the "Input" widget to the sidebar.

In addition, I wanted to add a Donate button that linked directly to a Donate page. As a result, for the past 24 hours or so, a big "DONATE!" page was the first visible thing on the site.
Sorry about that!
Don't feel you need to donate!!

.. But.. You know.. if you feel like it

Otherwise, things seem ok. The comment section appears to be working fine, and nothing appears to be too broken!
I spent a good hour or so sifting through all the Games in the archive, making sure the links all work.

Today I need to hop through the old comments and fix any old urls and things. I've already discovered that disqus had an image upload, of which I've killed all the uploads by deleting the old comments.

This stuff ain't easy!

Hopefully by Tuesday I should be ready to get back to AGameAWeek.

And if I ever see another ". it'll be too soon..

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