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  17th October, 2011
Phase One was the simple test engine I release WAY WAY back in the very early stages of this humongous project.. .. last month!
Phase One was a basic engine, with simple platforming mechanics.
Taking the rules of NeonPlat and adding a scrolling background, I wanted to judge if it'd be enjoyed.
True, one piece of feedback was a little downbeat, but on the whole it's been well appreciated.

You can't please everyone, but the original's not broken, so hopefully that makes up for it.

Phase Two was the proper Beta edition.
This appears to have gone down well, but without it being a fully fledged download, I'm precariously balancing all my comments on the shoulders of those who already seemed to love the game.
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Daily Blog
  16th October, 2011
Tap inside to see Jiro25 playing the NeonPlat Adventures Beta!
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Daily Blog
  14th October, 2011
Last night I sat down to jot a few readme notes for the Beta Testers.
By the time I was done, I'd inexplicably written 1500 words of gubbins!

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Daily Blog
  12th October, 2011
I'm in preparation mode, now, and am trying to fix the outer shell of NeonPlat Adventures, so that the game looks a little less rough around the edges, for all the people who'll be playing the lovely beta edition on Friday.

Today I worked on the menu a little, fiddled with that "about" section that I never bother to fill in, and added nice level open/close sweepy things that make things look a little less slapped together.
They're still just slabs of coloured rectangles, but they swoop left/right, so they kinda fit the bill

I've tweaked little font things here and there, changed a couple of sprites around, and made the baddies a little bit tougher.

Loads of little touchups, all over the place, and nothing major.
But, these things must be done.

I still have a WHOLE MONTH left to go, though, so with any luck, I won't need to mess about with this stuff again, and I can get back to throwing in bucketloads of new material!

(although I've yet to make that "goal" display any better, up top!)

Here's to November 13th!
.. and Friday for the beta peeps!
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Daily Blog
  11th October, 2011
One of the hardest things about adding baddies to this game is, surprisingly for me, not actually drawing things!
With NeonPlat I've created a weird skewed world, where nothing looks exactly as it should.
This gives me a little artistic license with my artwork. .. or rather, I can be shit, and nobody'll notice!

If something looks a little too odd, I simply make it look odder in the animation, and it somehow cobbles together nicely.
Want an example?
The Bats don't flap, they kinda invert-flap, with their wings flopping down instead of up.
It's a very bizarre style of movement, and yet it somehow works.
It's been that way since NeonPlat 1, and nobody's ever complained.

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Daily Blog
  10th October, 2011
Over the past year or so, I've done a few month-long iOS projects, but NeonPlat Adventures is the first time in a long time that I've tackled a nice big Windows/Mac/Linux project.

Today, 11th October 2011, marks the one-month anniversary since I officially started this project.

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Daily Blog
  9th October, 2011
At the moment, I'm sending occasional beta editions of NeonPlat Adventures to two people.
One is AuthenticKaizen (/PixelProspector).
He got instant beta-status, because he started the whole NeonPlat thing.
This is all his fault!!
I've been sending him little hidden youtube clips, occasional "New Stuff!" screenshots, and discussing possibilities with him.

The other is Spinal (/Spinal Cord) who recently redid SpikeDislike as Nintendo DS Homebrew.
Spinal and I tend to think and code the same. We're both on the same level of "New style coding" hatred, so we often share our new stuff.
Great coder!
So, he gets to play, too, just incase he comes up with a random idea that I hadn't considered!

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Daily Blog
  8th October, 2011

Hello developer,

We added your games to our website.

You can find the entries on http://html5games.de - and vote for it .

In return we would love a backlink from you.
Multiple banners and textlinks are on http://html5games.de/en/unsere-banner/

Thank you very much in advance
and greetings from Germany

The html5games.de team

That's fantastic!
Games get Spread, Games get Played, and more importantly they're all PlayMyCode games, so it's helping to get their name/brand/codeyness out there as well as the AGameAWeek thing.


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Daily Blog
  5th October, 2011
AnotherWorld wanted a complete JNKPlat history page thing, but found my old page a little (3 years?!) out of date.
Today, I updated it, and added some nice inbetweeny bits.

I give you, The History of JNKPlat!
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Daily Blog
  4th October, 2011
If you've been paying attention to this blog, or my Tweets, you'll have probably noticed a strange increase in Hat mentions, with no real purpose.

Around about Day 3 of NeonPlat Adventure coding, I realised the need to do something new with the spheres.
The Ice-thing would freeze a baddy, and then you could smash it.
If that was all that the spheres did, then they'd be nothing special.

The spheres needed to be special.

Today, I finally got around to making some Hats!

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Daily Blog
  3rd October, 2011
Back to NeonPlat Adventures today, and I spent a good 6 hours doodling away in Paintshop Pro, trying to get some nice new graphics for the game sorted.

In all that time, I managed to draw (and integrate) 2 new World Themes, and 2 new Baddies.

6 hours for THAT?!

Still, the baddies are in, the worlds look fairly decent, and the game's still ticking away like it should.

.. more to come!
and no screenies, 'cos that'd be giving things away!
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Daily Blog
  2nd October, 2011
On September 30th, I had one game to cope with.
Today I was juggling 4!!
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Daily Blog
  1st October, 2011
One at a time.
Get the task done, finish the game entirely, move onto the next.
Our current task is NeonPlat Adventures.
Let's see how much I added today..

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Daily Blog
  30th September, 2011
NeonPlat Stats So Far

Throwables : 3 (still the same 3!?)
Objects : 8
Baddies : 9
Bosses : 1
Background styles : 1.5! (first complete, 2nd half done but needs tweaked so everything isn't dodgy looking blue squares!)
Level types : 3'ish (depending on how I tweak the numbers)
Music : 2'ish (2 very similar tunes, and a separate "Boss Time" tune.)

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Daily Blog
  26th September, 2011
Had another Migraine day, today, and thus managed to accomplish bog all.

'tis a bit of a downpoint, considering how productive I've been over the past couple of weeks, but I pretty much ended up reading forums, messing about on Twitter, and.. .. Relaxing a bit.
Because, apparently that's important, even when you're kicking ass making a really great platformer. Go figure!

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  24th September, 2011
Apologies for the lack of daily blog/rant lately. Work schedule is crazy, sleep schedule is crazy, and AGameAWeek schedule is also all messed up.

Well... I say that..
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Daily Blog
  23rd September, 2011
A quick and simple Boulderdash clone, written using PlayMyCode.com

PlayMyCode games no longer work

Reason : I asked for PMC-Based Boulderdash clones in this week's Socoder Newsletter, so figured I'd best do one, just incase nobody else did..
If you make one, let me know!
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  21st September, 2011
Over a year and a half ago, I made a Music Framework thing to go in my BlitzMax framework.
It achieved a fairly modest passable amount of music, and was used in both JNKPlat2010 and NeonPlat2.
I stick in a few melodies, it goes twiddle-dee-dee, and out pops a bunch of pseudo random music.

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Daily Blog
  20th September, 2011
The Demo, already!!!?

This is nice and playable, so I thought I'd spout out a nice demo for everyone.

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  20th September, 2011
Smash the balls, and beat the bats! This test edition will be expanded in November.
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