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  25th November, 2011
I WAS going to spend some time this week rebuilding the look of this blog, so it'd point to NeonPlat Adventures.
Instead, I'll post this, and point to NeonPlat Adventures.

Get NeonPlat Adventures, Here! It's FREE, and it's FANTASTIC!

View on YouTube

I'll start working on the site some other day.
.. too lazy!
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Daily Blog
  24th November, 2011
One man, 365 games
Luckily, he decided against that, and has now shifted gears to a much more manageable 52 games a year, or AGameAWeek if you will.
As I always say, I'll wish you all the best on your quest.

It's a toughy.
You have a life, and unlike me, you probably also have one of those "Social Life" thingies!
These tend to get in the way.
As does enjoying yourself.

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Daily Blog
  23rd November, 2011
Yesterday was a bit of a missed day, again, as a weekend filled with iDev has left me worn out, and mentally exhausted.

Quite why iDev always seems to do that is beyond me.

So, next year..?
I'm going to get Monkey. (I think!!)
AGameAWeek will still be attempted, and I'll start another Google Spreadsheet to keep track of it all..
I'll probably do most of the early AGameAWeeks using PlayMyCode.com, because I'm already used to that, and vaguely know what I'm doing.

Once I've learned the Monkey way, I'll be using that for multi-system dev stuff so I don't need to do any more nasty evil code-converting thingimijigs.
Should be much easier.

.. having said that, I said this in March... Didn't really work out, then, did it!?

We'll see where it takes us..
and we've got Xmas yet to come...
.. haven't a clue what that'll be like, but I don't think I've time to do the whole Advent thing again, this year..
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Daily Blog
  21st November, 2011
As I was falling asleep, last night, I had a great idea for a new game.
I didn't jot it down, and now I can't remember what it was, except it had something to do with a stickman running around a black and white maze.

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Daily Blog
  20th November, 2011

Just finished the game, so I'm here to say *Thank you* for some real good entertainment.
A couple of things I noticed:
Loved the game concept, and the visual design is spot on for that kind of game. Unfortunately, sound doesn't work on Ubuntu 11.10.
It's a shame that the progress isn't properly recorded: The game should automatically offer me to play at the 'highest' levelset and the highest starting point I reached in my last session. Having to write down level names feels so 1980s
Reaching a new starting point is sometimes not communicated to the player, and starting points don't seem to appear every X levels but at varying intervals? I spent too much time thinking about that, so obviously something's wrong here
I'd also like to be able to use more keys than "Y" to select a menu item in the main and exit menus. Space and Enter are natural candidates.
But don't get me wrong: it provided me with hours of good entertainment, I love it.

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Daily Blog
  17th November, 2011
I should take solace in a couple of facts.

1. My iOS Apps have been selling oddly, this week.
Usually I sell about 1 copy of SpikeDislike, every day, but this week I seem to be getting oddities like Puzzobomb and StringyThings suddenly springing back to life.
.. sure it's still a max of 3 a day, total, but...
it helps!
and it's odd!

2. My daily analytics stats have doubled.
Of course, I should probably also point out that for the past two months, my lack of AGameAWeek has caused the stats to halve, so they have in fact simply returned to normal.Read More
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Daily Blog
  16th November, 2011
Interview with NeonPlat Adventure's Jayenkai
A nice big interview, randomly waffling on and on, in that strange unplanned way that I do!

Thanks to darthvid who sent all those questions over the other morning. A nice surprise to wake up to!

Kinda makes me want to do more of the same..

Jayenkai on Formspring!
Ask away..

I'll respond on Formspring, and throw some of the bits and pieces on here, too!

Tomorrow's blog? We take a peek at the wonderful stats of NeonPlat Adventures, get all super happy, and definitely not go slowly crazy

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  16th November, 2011
When I coded my BlitzMax edition of NeonPlat Adventures (Still online, still free, still available, still awesome, still getting the odd blog post on sites!) I threw things in, wherever they seemed appropriate.

I coded randomly, as I usually do.
I didn't worry about memory issues.
I didn't even give a munky about how many sprites were hurtling all over the screen. (My 2-year-old framework takes care of that.. Hit F12 for your system's stats.)

As I attempt my conversion to iOS, I DO have to worry about these things..
The first step was to convert each character into it's own tiny little spritesheet.
What used to be a set of 5 640x640 pixel images, each filled with 10 characters, each with 10 slots for animation (of which I generally used just 7 due to my lazy art skills!) has now been reduced to 50 120x120 (240x240 for retina) pixel images, each with 9 slots for sprites.

A huge reduction in memory requirements when you only ever need 5 baddies per level.
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Ios Dev
  15th November, 2011
Everyone can play NeonPlat Adventures.

Look at it go!!!


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Daily Blog
  13th November, 2011
NeonPlat Adventures : Available now for Windows, Linux and MacOSX
Inside, a list of all the features I had or hadn't planned, and why they are/aren't in there!
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Daily Blog
  12th November, 2011
Oooh, I got to click the "Release" tag today!
Not done that for a while!

The game is out, right now, and is available at..
1. The Jayenkai Archive
2. The Minisite
and hopefully a few more places by the end of today..

.. unless it tanks, or goes mostly unnoticed, which given my track record, wouldn't be all that surprising.

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  12th November, 2011
Tomorrow's the day you all get to play!

Had a last minute email, last night, from Shadow1w2, filled with some really nice ideas that would be great to implement.
Thing is, we've hit the point of no return.
I'm off to work all day, and tomorrow's the release.
no time to fiddle.
(I now remember why AGameAWeek is usually a Tuesday release!!)

The ideas have been filed away, along with all those random oddities that have recently sprung to mind, and will no doubt appear in the next version.
The next version is planned after the iOS version, which is still a little slow-going.

So, even after you finally get to play tomorrow, there's still going to be lots to look forward to.
You'll just have to be patient!
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Daily Blog
  11th November, 2011
Couldn't be arsed doing all the building and hosting, and especially couldn't be arsed doing the whole "design a half-decent looking site" thing, so I gave up trying and used Google Sites instead!

NeonPlat Adventures : The Minisite
Job done!

Game : Sunday!
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Daily Blog
  10th November, 2011
This took WAY longer than expected.

Step one, compile the Windows exe.
Job done.

2. Compile the Mac version.
Job done.

3. Compile the Linux edition..
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Daily Blog
  9th November, 2011
Today's long, long, long day of development was 100% iOS related.
Having put it off entirely yesterday, I figured I'd better port that level builder doohickey.
I opened TextEdit on the Mac, copied the level builder function from BlitzMax, and set about converting it, line by line, to something that XCode would compile for iOS.

800 lines of code, an estimate of "should only take a few hours, surely!" and then a completely exhausted Jay who just about managed to get the thing working 8 hours later.

BlitzMax and C are similar, but trying to convert things really helps to point out those quirks!

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Daily Blog
  8th November, 2011
I should've spent today doing more iDev.
I didn't.
Already I'm looking at the iDev stuff, and going "uuugh..."

Try again tomorrow.
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Daily Blog
  8th November, 2011
When I launched the original demo of NeonPlat Adventures, way way way way way back in September, I made a complete backup of the game, code and everything.
I thought it might be fun to look at it, and the progress it's made, by release date.

To be honest, I'd mostly forgotten I did that.

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Daily Blog
  7th November, 2011
Oh yeah, iDev annoys the shit out of me..
Never mind, carry on.

Coming up shortly, Jay attempts to reconstruct his level construction gubbins, one line at a time.
But not right now.
'cos trying to get a decent speed on that tilemap (which no longer has nicely associated background tilemaps like the PC version) took absolutely sodding ages, and that's without any sprites floating about.
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Daily Blog
  6th November, 2011
I wasn't aiming to do the Final Beta until about Wed/Thursday this week.
Today, the Final Beta went out.
A few days early, but there was nothing more I could come up with.
The game is done.

There's been a few tweaks, today, to sort out a couple of beta-player's issues, and I've been fiddling with some of those slightly annoying things that I never got around to fixing.
.. but yeah, it's done.

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Daily Blog
  4th November, 2011
For a while, today, you started the game with 8 lives instead of just 5.
Then a few people on Twitter suggested I should put it back.
If you can't complete it, don't blame me

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Daily Blog
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