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The new soundproofing is proving to be a little too dazzling.
Perhaps they should've gone with a less saturated colour-scheme.
Views 5, Upvotes 1, 15th October, 2017
I'm finally happy with the "Third Time's a Charm" dungeon layout generator.

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Views 9, Upvotes 2, 14th October, 2017
Daily Blog
Another night watching much-missed TV.
I think I've caught up with the pile.
But over on YouTube more videos appear.
I guess I'll be watching a while.
Views 4, Upvotes 1, 14th October, 2017
Platdude is having a wonderfully exciting adventure before heading inside to get the beans.
Views 6, Upvotes 1, 14th October, 2017

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Also available on SoundCloud.

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Views 62, Upvotes 5, 13th October, 2017
Daily Blog
Laziness taking control of me.
I need to get back into action.
I've tried, but have failed to do anything good.
Or at least, to my own satisfaction.
Views 4, Upvotes 0, 13th October, 2017
Platdude really wants to know what's in this room.
Time to battle his way in.
Views 6, Upvotes 2, 13th October, 2017
Wildlife , Monster
Sleepy Jay took over, yesterday.
I knew what coding needed to be done, but nothing productive was happening at all.
I tried a few things, including building a nice random dungeon generator, but.. .. Boy, that didn't end up nice, at all!

Today I might scrap what I did, and redo-from-start.
I know I can do better than that!

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Views 8, Upvotes 2, 12th October, 2017
Daily Blog
Keeping all the bots away,
I fill the robots text file.
But some of them aren't bothered,
and ignore it for a while.
Views 5, Upvotes 1, 12th October, 2017
Platdude's getting frustrated by all the pigs in the local countryside, and has decided to take matters into his own hands.
He knows exactly how to beat them.
Views 5, Upvotes 1, 12th October, 2017
Game , Angry


I spent AGES working on a new Level Generator for Sheep, yesterday.

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Views 10, Upvotes 4, 11th October, 2017
Daily Blog
I wish that the iPhone had buttons.
My games don't work well with just swipes.
Jumping and shooting and running through mazes,
And hiding from creatures in pipes.
Views 7, Upvotes 2, 11th October, 2017
Platdude and his PhantomCatcher friend are hunting for a spectre in the building.
Views 7, Upvotes 1, 11th October, 2017
A few tweaks have to be done to the frontend of Sheep Goes Right.
RSKGames has noticed the Credits screen is an absolute mess, and that there's no Back button on the Level Select.
There's also a weird jiggle to the level select when you first load the game.

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Views 10, Upvotes 3, 10th October, 2017
Daily Blog
Another iOS release.
That's 6 of them this year.
None of them are selling well.
My art style sucks, I fear.
Views 8, Upvotes 1, 10th October, 2017
Investigating the deepest depths of the caves, Platdude gets the feeling he might've gone too deep.
Views 7, Upvotes 0, 10th October, 2017
Hell , Wildlife , Demon
Each week, players send in their thoughts for that week's game.
Or, at least, RSKGames does!

If you want to submit your own thoughts, stick 'em in the comments, or email them in.

This week's game is Sheep Goes Right


Overview: A totally different AGAW game in terms of art style and music but with the familiar mix of twist to the gameplay mechanics and attention to detail. A pleasant surprise is that the game is not endless, it has finite levels and ends with ''Well Done!'' message.

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Views 53, Upvotes 4, 9th October, 2017
Player Thoughts
Sheepy needs to know what's on the other side of the Spike field.
Guide Sheepy carefully.
Views 90, Upvotes 8, 9th October, 2017
Spikedislike , Jump , Platform

It's about flamin' time!!

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Views 122, Upvotes 4, 9th October, 2017
Last night's midnight sheep-testing did NOT go smoothly.
Bloody iPhoneX's fault, again...
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Views 32, Upvotes 1, 9th October, 2017
Daily Blog
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