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It's taken quite a while to get up to this point, but I now have the engine half-doing a "Which button is pressed" function.

I can push a keyboard button, or tap a button on a connected controller, and the engine says "This button!"
There's a slight issue, whereby if a button is held, it takes control.
For example, if you're playing on the keyboard, but your gamepad's lying on the floor, and the thumbstick is prodded to the side, then no matter what button you try to hit, it always says "Joystick Axis 1"..
Over and over and over.

I need to fix that, somehow. I'll have to setup some kind of "ignore" list or something.
Not sure.

But the button pushes are working, and the values are being returned, and I ask it "What's the name of the button" and it works a treat.
I'm fairly confident that this will make for a great set of functions to go with the redefinable key stuff.

That was a busy day of number wrangling, I can tell you!!
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2018 Framework
I started the rewrite of the controller code, last night.

Digging deep, I realised I could probably reuse quite a lot of the old code, since the engine already grabs Joystick data each frame, as well as using a bunch of good-old fashioned numbers to do a lot of the legwork.

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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
Struggling to write,
All the things that I need.
Coding a framework,
Is a hard task indeed.
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Platdude gets a ticket for Jaywalking.
He didn't mean to do it, but he'd rather pay a fine than have to walk half a mile to the nearest marked crossing.
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Today's been a nice none-coding day. .. with coding in it!

Rather than my usual coding, a package arrived.

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Daily Blog
Spent hours (literally hours) simply planning a method in my head, that would allow me to get the controller config page to work.
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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
Scrapping the bad bits.
A redo from start.
Hoping this time,
I can manage this part.
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Platdude's decided to spend some time above the skies of the city, running and jumping around like a crazy munky.
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The controller config screen has done that thing, where I started with a minor issue, but the more I thought about it, the more and more complicated it got!!

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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
Trying to choose the best way to go.
Whichever I pick, there's a flaw.
I have to decide so that I can move on.
I feel like I've been here before.
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What on earth's going on?
Platdude tries his best to cover his eyes, before remembering he doesn't have any eyes.
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Note : These posts were originally posted to Patreon as a Subscriber bonus. Now that Patreon's imploding, I've decided to start reposting the contents here, instead.


Inside Jay's Notebook - 001

When typically coding, I tend not to use pen and paper. Over the many years that I've been doing this, I've found my mind to be perfectly adequate for storing bits and pieces, and jumping between all the many random and crazy ideas that I generate.
In addition, my handwriting is absolutely bloomin' awful, and as a result anything I do tend to "jot down" tends to be plonked onto a spreadsheet somewhere, rather than onto paper.

But since around about 1999, when I headed off to college, there's been a constant notepad sat near my computer.
I've barely ever made use of it, but every so often something is important enough (or confusing enough!) that I've felt the need to jot it down.

Yesterday I took the time to photograph each and every used page of this notepad.

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History Of Agameaweek
Starting to think I should probably just make an XCode project.

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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
The time of year,
That drivers fear.
But kids all cheer!
The snow is here!
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Doctor Plat and his canine companion, Dawg-E, have done all the exploring they can, here.
Time to return to the Dimensional Vortex Travel Booth, and start a brand new adventure.
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Tv , Doctor Who
The framework isn't quite running properly on MacOS, so today will probably be spent trying to get that going.
For some reason, since the recent MacOS Security Update, I don't seem to be able to Remote-Desktop into the Mac via the WinLaptop.
Hopefully it's just some weird thing, requiring a reset or something, and not a hole that's been closed, making it unusable.. Hmm.. :\

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Daily Blog , 2018 Framework
I'm making a list.
And I'm checking it twice.
I've still got lots of things to code,
To make the framework nice.
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Platdude bought a more interesting replacement pet, and has named her Poly, after his favourite sort of shape.
Now he gets to buy hundreds of bits and pieces to decorate the birdcage!
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Pet , Wildlife

Linux success!!
That's two systems that can now access (kinda) web based data.
A good sign that things are slowly coming together!

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2018 Framework
A brief roundup of the things I've managed to accomplish, during 2017.

1. Online Scoreboards

It's been a long time since I last had online scoreboards in my general AGameAWeek games. iOS's GameCenter made me lazy, and I could never be bothered to implement anything more complicated into my Framework.
But this year, I opted to take on the challenge, so right at the start of this year I added an "Enter Your Name" thing into my framework, and tied the scoreboard system to the server.
A number of games from this year have had Online Scoreboards added to them, and can all be found here.

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2017 Review
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